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Below is a selection of Project Case Studies Keseray has been involved in;

Case Study 1- Retailer Stock Loss Project


A larger Retailer was experiencing a regular weekly loss on a popular Fresh Food line and was unable to resolve the issue
The product had been number one every week for over a year and it was becoming difficult for senior management to justify
The product was also one which was not considered to be high risk (likely to be stolen) and it seemed difficult to understand why this product would loose so much money every week


When Keseray was given the opportunity to investigate the reason we focused our attention on other factors which cause product lost (shrinkage) - other than the traditional fraud model. This meant we investigated the end to end supply chain (from Grower to Till) and accounted for each financial step within the chain. We were quickly able to produce a visual chain of steps and a list of tasks/areas to investigate. The results of each task were added to the process document which could then be used to confirm results with other groups and enable anyone involved to understand the logic and approach to our investigation

The Result

When we had completed our review and noted all the results for each of the tasks listed it become clear that the issues was with the Supplier and their processes. The recommendations for changing the process were presented to the Buyer and these intern were agreed with the Supplier. The resulting changes saw the weekly loss on the hi-lighted line disappear saving the department and the retailer over £1million per year.
The Documentation produced was then stored and reviewed monthly to insure the issue did not reappear - it also give the Fraud team an excellent tool kit to investigate other similar loss lines.

Case Study 2 - Retailer Data Warehouse Implementation


A Medium size retailer required the implementation of a Data Warehouse (DWH) solution for their Contact Centres (CC). The currently situation saw the teams located at each centre producing Management Information (MI) reports for the local management and head office management, equally any other teams who wanted to use the data generated by each CC were unable to easily access or use that data.


When Keseray was given the opportunity to manage the Telephony/Work Force Management (WFM) upgrade at all the CC sites, we decided to add this requirement to the list of objectives and link all CC data to the central DWH. This was agreed with the senior management team as an excellent idea. When the new version of the Telephony/WFM software were implemented a link was provided between the local systems and the DWH at the Data Centre. Data Requirement documents were produced to ensure we captured the correct and appropriate data for the current and, where possible, future MI reporting needs, this was agreed with each CC site and combined into one feed. We then enlisted the support of a number of 3rd party IT providers who help us build the additional DWH scheme and tables and generate a number of standard daily/weekly/monthly reports - via the established Business Intelligence application.

The Result

Once completed anyone could access the data generated by the CC and either report on the sites or add the the additional information to any report. The additional benefits were; one version of the truth, centralised data storage, the ability to have daily updates to the DWH (a first for the Retailer) and a reduction in the work load for the CC site IT teams (approx. £200k in saving per year) - this meant either a reduction in the workforce or in this retailers case an increase in the level of customer service (due to more resource being allocated to the areas which could be improved)   

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